Our story

Here is where we honor the power of prayer and relationships. In April 2020, Carmen offered a prayer to her grandmother. The prayer called in Dr. Crystal Jones as a mentor to Carmen where they sat weekly in the practice of reconnecting to breath and body. Out of the relationship, a vision to invite thousands into a community of practice centering body wisdom and imagination was spoken in the form of a new prayer that is Two Inches Beyond Black.



We see a day when 100,000 Black people have sacred space to collectively breathe and imagine new possibilities for themselves and their communities.

We are committed to creating spaces, products, and experiences  for Black people to reclaim our bodies and our breath as the divine playgrounds for imagination and creativity.

We are a sanctuary for the ancient and wise voice of our ancestors.

The Co-founders


Carmen D. Harris, co-founder of Two Inches Beyond Black and founder of Imagine Me Free.


Crystal D. Jones, co-founder of Two Inches Beyond Black and founder of elevenfortytwo.

How We Play

Our virtual and in-person gatherings are designed for Black people to facilitate trust in the body and breath as we center our capacity to experience deeply satisfying joy, pleasure, ease, and rest. We honor Blackness, our breath, and our bodies as a divine creative source. A connector to ancestral lineage and wisdom. A fertile ground for world changing genius. An endless container for imagination.