Summer of Black Imagination. let it come: to be revealed

Welcome to Two Inches Beyond Black’s Summer of Black Imagination Series. The series is a regular offering of at-home guided experiences and in-person gatherings for Black people to be  the spirit of imagination and celebrate Blackness as a source of creative play, pleasure, and trusted wisdom. 

let it come: to be revealed.
Black Space for Black Imagination

Day 1: Practice. Introduction & Intention
Day 1: Post-Practice Note. Dream Lover
Day 2: Practice. Noticing Where You Are And What’s In Between
Day 2: Post-Practice Note. The Love Story In Between
Day 3: Practice. Caressing More Space and Beyond
Day 3: Post-Practice Note. Two Inches Beyond
Day 4: Practice. Listening for ‘How’s Your Heart’
Day 4: Post-Practice Note. Unbelief is a Practice
Day 5: Practice. Creating Space to Trust Your Voice
Day 5: Post-Practice Note. Maybe Self Trust Starts Here?
Day 6: Practice. Making Space for Meaningful Action
Day 6: Post-Practice Note. Space reveals.
Day 7: Create your own practice. Use your voice. What is revealed?
Day 7: Post-Practice Note. I Feel Therefore I Can Be Free.”- A. Lorde